The history of a family and independent camping for 40 years

Through this description of the history of the campground, we trace more than 40 years of existence and as many summer seasons. Discover the history of a family owner and manager of a camping site campsite near Romans-sur-Isère. Po learn more, you can read our blog posts.

1978-1998: from creation to expansion

The history of the campsite begins !

Arrivée Camping Garenne

The Robert family – Arlette, Pierre and their children – decided to launch the activity of camping on the farm. Farmers in the Drôme des Collines region, with notably asparagus cultivation and a few animals, they dared to take the gamble of welcoming tourists who love authenticity and nature to their farm.

A part of the farmland is simply developed and Pierre builds a basic sanitary. Let’s go for the adventure!

Summer 1978 : Arrival of the first customer

Publicité Camping Garenne

A Parisian who came to visit his family from Ratières tells Pierre.

1982 : The Natural Area label

Manifestation équestre Camping Garenne

The campsite becomes a natural parking area with a maximum of 35 pitches. The first major works are carried out: construction of a sanitary block, a septic tank and the building that will be the campsite’s living quarters.

The Paul Robert era

1995 : On the way to the 2**.

Livre d'or Camping Garenne

Paul Robert, the eldest son, takes over from his parents and presses the evolution of the campsite. He became the owner in 1998 and started to modernize the establishment. The request for the creation of a 2 star campsite with 100 sites is accepted.

Late 90’s: A desire for comfort

Chalet Camping Garenne

The increase in demand for comfortable accommodation rentals is consequent.

So Paul started building accommodations. He opted for chalets and family tents in order to respect the values of simplicity of his parents but also the natural setting of the campsite.

1999 : The first mobile home

Mobil home Camping Garenne

Paul buys his first mobile home and takes the opportunity to ask for a 3 star rating.

For about ten years, he embellished and pampered his campsite… He shaped the hillside, rearranged the pitches, planted and pruned the vegetation, with the support of one or two seasonal workers in summer.

2009 : Hiring of 2 full time employees

Elodie takes care of the paperwork and Christian takes care of all the outside tasks,” explains Paul with a smile! A new impetus is given, with in particular in 2011 the purchase of twenty additional mobile homes, and the following year the creation of a water park.

Accueil année 90 Camping Garenne Accueil 2018 Camping Garenne

2012 : The 4 stars

Sanitaires supplémentaires Camping Garenne

New grading standards are in force and the campsite obtains 4 stars.

Having good quality facilities, the development of the campsite is oriented towards services, such as entertainment or catering.

2013 : Installation of the first food-truck

Foodtruck Camping Garenne

In 2014, Christian is replaced by Sylvain, a young man specialized in green spaces to preserve the domain. That same winter, the middle sanitary block is renovated and expanded with a baby area.

2007: Replacement of the sanitary block located at the top of the campsite

Sanitaire Camping Garenne

2018 : The campground celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Fondateur Camping Garenne Paul Robert Camping Garenne

2019 : Snow causes damage to vegetation

Intempérie 2019 Camping Garenne

In November 2019, the weather is capricious and we have the bad surprise to see very heavy snow falling. Without leaves, the trees are fragile and resist less… Paul even has to get up in the middle of the night to cut, with a chainsaw, a branch that threatens to collapse above his mobile home! Then follows a power cut of several days. Paul takes out the generator and bundles up well because the temperature is winter! The campsite is disfigured. The one which was well shaded with a luxuriant vegetation takes on a sinister air. It took several months, a lot of arms, courage and pruning to collect the branches and secure the trees. Fortunately, everything is back in order. That year, many trees were planted at the campground for future generations!

2020 : New infrastructure but also a new disease…

Accueil 2020 Camping Garenne

In 2020, Paul dares to embark on a project that has been on the drawing board for a long time: a new building for the reception! The maintenance men break the sanitary facilities with a sledgehammer. It is an ultra-local company that realizes the reception, with a wooden frame. After some time, we invest the new premises: wow, it is beautiful, it is bright, we love it.

The campground is equipped with 2 new sanitary blocks for the rental sites, one in front of the pool and the other towards the entrance.

We are preparing the season as usual when suddenly, France plunges into uncertainty: a new disease is circulating in the world: the coronavirus. The population is confined to their homes. At the campsite, we will not be able to open on the planned date, but we keep our fingers crossed. Finally, on June 2, 2020, the government authorizes outdoor accommodations to open! The season is going smoothly, vacationers are paying attention and we make it a point to continue to guarantee a quality welcome. The nature, the size and the open air of the Domaine la Garenne make people want to stay in a stressful context.

Peaceful vacations at the campsite

In this tense and uncertain climate, we all dream of serenity and tranquility. The 2 “covid” years that have passed, however, suggest a return to normality in terms of vacations. Indeed, the summer of 2021 was great, both in terms of numbers and in the atmosphere felt within our establishment. The campground remains an ideal vacation spot for families to recharge their batteries. To accompany this optimism, the campsite has hired 2 maintenance men on permanent contracts in the fall of 2021 to pamper the domain.

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