This summer, destination Drôme for your mobile home rental at the best quality/price ratio.

In the heart of our wooded and well-maintained establishment, the fifty or so mobile homes for rent are spread out over vast pitches with a minimum surface area of 400m². These recent and modern mobile homes bring comfort to your disconnected vacations (no wifi, no television in the rentals). 

The campsite Domaine la Garenne offers you mobile home rentals adapted to your needs:

This wide choice of mobile homes is an asset to meet the multiple demands of stays with family or friends. We have the right accommodation for you under the Drôme sun!

ATTENTION: Pets are strictly forbidden in the rentals.

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Maximum capacity
Number of rooms
Valider la sélection
Special Baby Range
Gamme Bébé
Mobil home 2 rooms 24m² baby special, air-conditioning, covered terrace
4 2
Gamme Bébé
Mobil Home 4 rooms 39m² spécial Baby, air-conditioning, paved terrace
7 4
Tribe Accommodation
Gamme Tribu
Mobil Home Tribe, 6 bedrooms 70m² baby special, air-conditioning, covered terrace
11 6
Gamme Tribu
Mobil home 4 rooms 40m², 2 bathrooms, air-conditioning, covered terrace
8 4
Accommodation for 4 persons
Mobil home 2 bedrooms 30m², covered terrace
4 2
Mobil home 2 bedrooms 35m², paved terrace
4 2
Mobil home 2 bedrooms 30m², paved terrace
4 2
Mobil Home 2 rooms 26m², air conditioning, paved terrace
4 2
Air-conditioned accommodation for 4 persons
Mobil Home 2 rooms 26m², air conditioning, covered terrace
4 2
Mobil Home 2 bedrooms 35m², 2 bathrooms, air-conditioning, covered terrace
4 2
Mobile home 2 bedrooms 40m², 2 bathrooms, air conditioning, 2 covered terraces
4 2
Mobil Home 2 rooms 35m², air conditioning, covered terrace
4 2
Accommodation for 6 persons
Mobil home 3 bedrooms 35m², paved terrace
6 3
mobil home 6 personnes
Mobile-home 3 bedrooms 37m², covered terace
6 3
Air-conditioned accommodation for 6 persons
Mobile-home 3 bedrooms 35m², air-conditioning, covered terace
6 3
Mobil Home 3 bedrooms 40m², 2 bathrooms, air-conditioning, covered terrace
6 3
Unusual accommodations
Bivouac perché – sans sanitaires
2 1
Perched hut – without sanitary facilities ~
2 1

Our different mobile home rentals in the Drôme

The Special Baby Range: mobile homes equipped for your vacations with baby

As of 2019, we’re making it easier for families with small children to vacation. No more hassle of loading the car: the baby mobile homes are fully equipped to simplify your vacation with your child under 3 years old. We’re not talking about the simple baby kit left in the living room upon your arrival, but the following equipment included free of charge:

  • Umbrella bed and mattress already installed in the room for the children
  • Changing table with mattress at the foot of the bed
  • Baby bathtub
  • Brands feet
  • Toilet reducer
  • Baby potty
  • High chair
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Blackout blind in the children’s room

What’s more, these camping accommodations are all equipped with air conditioning, so you can stay cool while your baby naps!

The 3 different models for the rental of mobile homes for babies are :

Mobile home where the baby shares his room with his big brother or sister:

  • mobile home 2 bedrooms 24m², air conditioning, covered terrace

Mobile home in which the baby has its own room:

  • mobile home 4 bedrooms 39m², air conditioning, paved terrace
  • mobile home 6 bedrooms 70m², air conditioning, covered terrace

The 7 mobile homes for rent are specially equipped for toddlers and are recommended for children under 3 years old. Thus serenity will be the key to a superb vacation with baby.

 Air-conditioned mobile homes: choose comfort

Enjoy the sunshine of the Drôme, while cooling off in your rental during the hottest hours of the summer. Thus, some accommodations are equipped with air conditioning. This range also includes accommodations with 2 bathrooms, to offer you an unequalled comfort and a certain intimacy.

Thanks to our good plans, at the campsite we don’t deprive ourselves of comfort for the vacations!

In addition to these accommodations, the special Bébé and Tribu ranges are equipped with air conditioning. In total, more than 20 rentals of the Domaine la Garenne campsite are air-conditioned.

Tribe Accommodation: the unique camping experience for large families

One of the major assets of the Domaine la Garenne campsite is its space. Sharing this vast domain with you is an obvious choice, so we have created a tribe range, designed for large families. In fact, a rental can accommodate up to 11 people on the same pitch. Amazing, isn’t it?

The models of the Tribu range :

  • Mobile home 4 bedrooms 40m², air conditioning, covered terrace – 8 persons.

The 4-bedroom mobile home for 8 people can bring the whole family together.

Equipped with air conditioning and a covered terrace, this accommodation is very well located within the campsite.

  • Mobile home 6 rooms, 70m², air conditioning, covered terrace – 11 persons.

This accommodation is composed of 2 mobile homes, united by a common terrace.

It can accommodate 11 people, so it’s ideal for large family vacations or small gatherings. You will be able to combine the pleasure of sharing convivial moments while preserving your intimacy thanks to two distinct rentals.

Indeed, the advantage of having 2 mobile homes allows you to preserve your private space and thus, to have a place to rest in peace.

One of the two fully equipped kitchens opens directly onto the covered terrace, where several wooden tables are set up. This large covered terrace, of more than 36m², allows large convivial lunches with the family. Each member of the family, children, parents or grandparents will find his happiness with the mobile home tribe.


  • 2 rooms with 1 double bed each
  • 3 rooms with 2 single beds
  • 1 room equipped for babies, with a cot, a changing table and many other accessories. 

So atypical: the unusual accommodations of the campsite

Hidden from view, the campground offers three unique and unusual accommodations: 2 perched bivouacs and 1 perched hut. This type of atypical camping accommodation allows you to enjoy an original stay as a couple or a duo. So if you are looking for a surprise gift to offer to your lover or to please your child, book a night in one of our unusual rentals. The tricky part is choosing the right model for an exciting getaway.

  • Bivouac perched 2 pers
  • Perched cabin 2 pers

To soften the preparation of the stay, these original accommodations have :

  • 2 beds with blankets + pillows
  • 2 sets of disposable sheets
  • 1 dining area (table + bench or 2 chairs)
  • 1 small refrigerator, mini bar type
  • 1 electrical outlet
  • 1 lamp

The classic range of mobile homes with different capacities

Who says classic, says antinomian at La Garenne! The ten or so categories of mobile homes are modern, clean and comfortable. No air-conditioning, but our sumptuous wooded domain guarantees coolness and shade. This green setting allows for cool nights, and thus a better sleep.

location mobil home drome

The plan of the 14 hectare campsite

At the Domaine la Garenne campsite, each accommodation has its own photo. Therefore, this map allows you to locate the most appropriate mobile home for your stay.

Thus, it is possible to choose your preferred location before the end of January (subject to availability). We invite you to contact us to know them.

Pitches and services of our campsite in the Drôme