A natural campsite to recharge your batteries this summer

The specificities of our field

For all those who don’t know us yet, we propose you here the discovery of an independent and family campsite : the Domaine la Garenne****. And for all our regular holidaymakers, we hope that this reading will revive the unforgettable memories of your stay at the campsite in the Drôme.

Nature at the heart of your vacation

If we had to illustrate the campsite with only one picture, it would surely be a snapshot of our majestic clearing. That said, even if a picture is worth a thousand words, we would like to detail the environment of our preserved domain.

Nestled on a hillside, the campground has been shaped for several generations by the Robert family. The pitches, 123 today, have all been arranged with one priority: to be in harmony with nature. Different levels, where rentals and pitches are mixed together, make up a harmonious whole that respects the original natural setting. 

We are lucky to have an extremely rich fauna and flora. The forest species are varied: pines, oaks, olive trees, firs and other conifers provide holidaymakers with a shady landscape. A godsend during the hot summer in the Drôme. It is not uncommon to come across, at dawn, the rabbits of Garenne (the name rings a bell?) a squirrel or even a doe!

What a joy to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for an escapade in the heart of the Drôme nature. In our region, going green means dreaming in a hammock while listening to the song of the cicadas, tempting isn’t it? 

We are delighted to share this protected space with you and hope that you will discover a beneficial nature for a zen vacation at Domaine la Garenne!

Peace and quiet for a relaxing stay

To explain our vacation philosophy, we could try an adage, such as “If the peace and quiet is there, the trip is worth it”! However, to be more explicit, here is in black and white one of the main assets of the campsite: the calm.

Who hasn’t dreamed of sipping a lemonade while listening to nature in soothing silence? Here, there are no late-night parties or frenzy around giant slides. The activities take place in the open air and the campsite’s entertainment is adapted to the rhythm of families. The aquatic area is on a human scale and favors an authentic conviviality.

It is around this environment, peaceful but warm, that everyone will find serenity. However, calm does not mean absolute silence. Indeed, you will be able to hear the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, the birds singing on sunny days and even the very special sound of the cricket in the evening. The 14 hectares undeniably accentuate this feeling of relaxing in a soothing campsite.

To sum up, our ambition is to offer you a quiet place to recharge your batteries with your family. You won’t even hear your neighbor snoring thanks to the size of the pitches 😉

The great outdoors and the benefits of being outdoors

We could use the most brilliant adjectives of the French language to try to describe you the space of the camp-site, here, it is necessary “to see it to believe it”.

The Domaine la Garenne is big. Very big. The 123 pitches are spread over 14 hectares. The advantage of such a large surface area is that it has allowed us to create large, intimate spaces dedicated to each family.

The campsite’s rental pitches are marketed by category, depending on their size. The standard pitches measure at least 100m², while the large Nature XXL pitches can be as large as 400m²

This generosity is also found in the rental plots. Their surface area allows for the parking of 1, 2 or even 3 vehicles, bicycles, deckchairs and the gigantic playground improvised by the youngest!

The terraced layout and natural boundaries of the pitches allow for family privacy. We don’t live across the street from each other, so you can relax, the neighbors are not in sight. 

Thus, at the campsite Domaine la Garenne the notion of space brings a particular identity to your vacations.

A simple and family camping

The world of camping is vast and France has more than 8,000 open air hotels. There is something for everyone, from vacation villages to farm campsites, from the sea to the mountains… However, each campsite has its own added value.

Ours is to have remained simple. Independent, we have had the opportunity to create and develop a campsite in our image, while preserving the values that we hold dear. Our human scale allows us to blossom fully in our job. Without fuss, we like to exchange with our guests, share our green setting and help them discover our territory

Before your stay, we will be happy to answer your questions and try to create a smart and attractive stay for you. As soon as you arrive, we will accompany you to your accommodation to make sure you have a pleasant stay with your family. 

We like to greet you by your first name, to recognize you when you call, to remember a funny anecdote about you… Small details certainly, but at the height of the simple and family camping that we are.

This simplicity is also found in the equipment present on the campsite. Indeed, here nothing extravagant, rather functional, sober and clean equipment.

 The environmental challenge of a preserved domain

Respectful and protective of the environment, we offer you authentic and eco-responsible vacations in the heart of the Drôme countryside. Like green tourism, we have always acted to contribute to the protection of our planet. Simple and regular gestures have been the rhythm of our daily life for years. 

Here is a brief overview of actions that have been logically implemented:

  • The lights of the campsite are equipped with led bulbs.
  • At night, there is very little lighting, which is ideal for admiring the shooting stars.
  • The water points are equipped with push taps, the flow stops automatically in order not to waste.
  • The electrical power of the pitches and rentals is limited in order not to overconsume.
  • For the cleaning of the common areas and rentals, we use basic cleaning products, such as white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate or green products.
  • The welcome kits for rental accommodation offered to holidaymakers are Ecolabel certified.
  • We move as much as possible on foot or by electric mountain bike within the campsite.
  • Some of the activities are related to nature and its preservation.
  • Our services are focused on short circuits and the majority of our providers are local.

We also sensitize our guests to adopt an ecological and committed behavior in order to preserve the Domaine la Garenne.

On the campsite, you will find selective sorting devices at the entrance. If you have any doubts about which packaging should be recycled, you can consult the list here. We also make our own compost and we invite you to contribute to it! Indeed, you have at your disposal in each location and on request for the pitches, a compost box to recycle your organic waste. This box is to be emptied into the container located at the entrance of the campsite. The compost will then be used to feed the vegetation of the campsite and give a boost to its growth.

Recently, our tourist office has put in place a charter of commitment for responsible tourism, which we have adhered to without hesitation. This manifesto includes concrete commitments that we put within our structure.

If these values resonate with you, read on to discover a natural campsite.

Discover in pictures a simple and natural camping

Find here our selection of the best moments of vacations in the campsite. See the pictures of our nature campsite, its services, its accommodations and its swimming pools in the Drôme.

The ideal way to project yourself into your future nature vacations or to revive beautiful memories.

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Itineraries and contact information for the nature campground

The campsite is located in the North of the Drôme, at the address : 156 chemin de Chablezin, 26330 Saint Avit.

GPS coordinates : Longitude : 4.953800 . +4°; 57′ 13.68″ / Latitude : 45.2030000 . +45°; 12′ 10.80″

contact@ domaine-la-garenne.com

04 75 68 62 26

When programming your GPS, check that it is set to “fast” mode. Indeed, the navigation systems can take you through the small roads and paths in the hills of the Drôme before arriving at the campsite Domaine la Garenne.

Our advice on how to get to the Domaine la Garenne nature campsite:

From the North (Lyon) :

1. Take the freeway exit n°12 of the A7 freeway : CHANAS.

2. At the 1st traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto N7, direction ROMANS/VALENCE

3. At the 2nd traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto N7, direction VALENCE /St Vallier

4. At the end of the expressway, take the 3rd exit of the traffic circle on N7, direction VALENCE / Le Creux de la Thine

5. Drive 2km, then turn left on D1, direction ANNEYRON

6. Stay on D1 for 4km, until the entrance of the village of ANNEYRON

7. Continue your route by taking the bypass around the center of the village.

8. Take the D1 and continue to SAINT SORLIN EN VALLOIRE

9. In the heart of the village, turn right on D53, direction CHATEAUNEUF DE GALAURE

10. Drive for 8km

11. At the 2 roundabouts in the village of CH TEAUNEUF, take the 2nd exit towards SAINT DONAT SUR L’HERBASSE

12. Drive for 3km400

13. A large sign ” Domaine la Garenne ” indicates the access to the campsite. Turn left: you have arrived!

From the east (Grenoble, Beaurepaire) :

1. Coming from D538, pass the village of LENS LESTANG

2. Drive for 5 km and cross the village of HAUTERIVES

3. Drive on D51 for 6 km to arrive at CH TEAUNEUF DE GALAURE

4. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit on D53, direction St DONAT SUR L’HERBASSE

5. Continue on this road D53 for 3km.

6. A large sign ” Domaine la Garenne ” on the left of the road indicates the access to the campsite. Turn left: you have arrived!

From the South (Valencia):

1. Take the freeway exit n°13 of the A7 freeway : TAIN L’HERMITAGE

2. At the big traffic circle, take the 3rd exit direction TOURNON / TAIN L’HERMITAGE

3. At the 2nd traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto D109, toward CHANTEMERLE LES BLES

4. Drive for 5km

5. At the traffic circle at the entrance of the village of CHANTEMERLE, take the 2nd exit on D109, direction CLAVEYSON / CH TEAUNEUF DE GALAURE

6. Drive for 5km500, and take the 2nd exit at the traffic circle, still on D109.

7. In the village of CLAVEYSON (just after the tobacco shop) turn right, direction CHATEAUNEUF DE GALAURE

8. Continue to the intersection with D53. At the intersection turn left.

9. Take the D53 for 750m

10. A large sign ” Domaine la Garenne ” on your right indicates the access to the campsite. Turn right: you have arrived!

From the West (Saint Vallier, Annonay) :

1. At the traffic light at the INTERVAL shopping center, turn on D51, direction SAINT UZE/HAUTERIVES

2. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit and go under the tunnel.

3. Continue straight on D51

4. Cross the villages of SAINT-UZE, LA MOTTE DE GALAURE and MUREILS

5. At the exit of the village of Mureils, turn right at the sign “Camping la Garenne” (opposite the silos) on the D363

6. After the small bridge over the Galaure, take the 1st left

7. At the intersection, a large sign “Domaine la Garenne” indicates access to the campsite. Go straight ahead: you have arrived!

The services at your disposal at the campsite in the Drôme